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Living Separately, Parenting Together:

Solutions to Meet Your Family’s Unique Needs

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Helping parents work together in a productive manner; allowing you an opportunity to better support your children in receiving a positive and cohesive parenting experience. Developing a long-term path toward working together, even as personal relationships may be strained. Our goal is for families not to feel “broken,” just changed.



We work in concert with you and your client on family law matters. Our services include developing Parenting Time Agreements, Parenting Coordination services, Divorce Coaching in Collaborative Divorce cases, mediation assistance, counseling and Co-Parenting skill building. Our goal is to complement the services offered by family law attorneys as needed.


Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC: What We Offer

Co-Parenting Skill Building • Development of Parenting Time Agreement • Divorce and Post-Divorce Mediation • Collaborative Divorce Coaching • Parenting Coordination Services • Counseling for all Family Members Impacted by Divorce • Blended Family Counseling


“I was disappointed to say the least when I first found out about having to attend co-parent counseling, but boy, was I wrong. Jordana truly has made a difference, and has given me a lot of tools to help me see things differently. I may not be able to change my ex, but I can control the examples I set for my kids.”
— Court Mandated Dad

“It was really hard for me to admit I needed or wanted help in this process. It was pretty uncomfortable and I just wanted to have it end quickly.  Jordana’s program did make me take stock, but it also took away a lot of the discomfort and we ended up with a workable solution. Less stress and a family that works pretty well together—even if we do it in two households.”
— Divorced Mom of Four

“Jordana was so helpful.  I didn’t even realize at the start how much help it would be to engage Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC. I was a real mess at the start of the process and I couldn’t stop worrying about the kids. I wasn’t sure how they’d come out of the divorce. I was afraid my relationship with them would suffer so much. Jordana was like a navigator in the fog and it made all the difference.”
— Divorced Dad of Three